Andre Wallace

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Good artists who are not hyped by the State art machine

Firstly the death has occurred at the age of 84 of Professor Robert Clement. He was one of the most influential and most inspiring UK art teachers of the past half century. Note this, in great respect for the way in which his expertise and humour guided a whole generation of english art educators. This was before the discipline was rendered ineffective by politicians who enforced the content of the art curriculum. It was a far better era for art education in every respect, than the truly stupid dumbed down culture we now inhabit.

The rest of this post concerns good artists who have achieved great things by quietly getting on with the job of applying coloured glue to a support without State art publicity.

David Kassan

Adam Miller

David Liggare

Jason De Graff

Alyssa Monks

Sarah Harvey

Tai Shan Schierenberg

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