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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Wall decoration.

In a weeks time the BBC will be putting out a series of programs of support for State conceptual art which it says, will be very challenging and thought provoking.  Unfortunately Conceptual art is a defunct strategy and has not produced one single piece of artwork of note - not one that will last more than six months and that includes all decaying formalin bottled animals. The entire ill-judged Kosuth-Duchamp rehash is now as noxious as that antique movement from which it derives it's spurious legitimacy - Dada.  Despite all the heavy weight media hype that has and is being thrown at it, it is and was always dead as the Dodo.  When you look and look at any of these conceptual objects there is nothing there except your own belief system. If you have no faith in the idea - then the priests are lying to you. Just as Duchamp was when he constructed the Large Glass. 

These past fifteen years have seen the rise of an endemic form of paint dribbling termed Zombie formalism. Literally the weakest excuse for art it is possible to conceive of as a wall decoration. It has countless forms in the UK and the States but all the many participants earning a crust have one thing in common, they cannot be bothered to depict anything. There are reasons for this, i.e. they have not been taught anything by anyone apart from pseudo art-speak and crits, consequently they vanish into smoke when their meaninglessness is challenged. They are a sad footnote to the conceptual art which the BBC will be promoting as new and of real concern, when it is actually neither.

This post is an introduction some of those 'Artists' whose artwork literally dribbles down the wall:

There is much more, lots and lots more which you can trawl up from the net depths, which doesn't say much because it's an extremely expensive way of seeking any image that accidentally corresponds with something your brain may have experienced.
To quote Caps Crits; "it traces a regrettable development, not so much for the fate of abstraction or painting but for an artist too anxious to remain in step with his times, for times inflating an aesthetic to unsustainable proportions."
An accidental aesthetic moreover - quite so!

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