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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Arts Council England - are you the right kind of artist?

This week brings the news via Private Eye would you believe, that ACE are employing a commercial company called Counting what Counts to use a quality metrics system to assess whether you are the right kind of artist or arts organisation to be funded by their beneficence .....  
This is courtesy of IT buffoons at Nesta, (a self perpetuating quango that should have been put down long ago for all the asinine pretence of good that it has done). Downright stupid and totally misconceived, one has to ask how the use of this sort of faux utilitarian data profiling  will get anywhere near assessing the quality of future artworks?
It cannot do so, simply because the judgement of any artwork is totally subjective and the result of a highly developed sensibility born of years of experience. It will only ever be capable of making judgements based upon the prejudice of the algorithm writer. The bean counters however are set to generate some very righteous anger from those arts organisations and artists who will inevitably resent faked attempts to evaluate their work, it's easy to see trouble brewing - blood will be on the carpet. This is not to say though, that the Arts council's largess has ever been prioritised for artists who produce real art. 

As Private Eye says; " The pilot study carried out by CWC claimed resounding success - but then they would say that, having received a substantial chunk of the more than £700,000 of public funds already invested and facing the happy prospect of all those individual £2000 fees. An independent evaluation conducted at the same time was far more critical, noting the hostility of the arts organisations forced to deal with it. Those organisations are now asking hard questions about CWC and how it has been handed so much power and money without any tendering procedure."

ACE has never really had to account to the tax payer for all the money it burns on the thankless task of maintaining the wholesale pretence that is UK State art. Gross example - The millions of tax payers and lottery cash it burned on cultural Olympiad conceptual junk which produced absolutely zilch of significance or material benefit for the UK. 

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