Andre Wallace

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fraud and fakery

The news from the Frieze art fair was downgraded by a huge faking scandal emerging from France via Sothebys.
This is the exposure of a huge fake art scandal in the offing, centred upon old masters, this has emerged from France where some criminal has been making apt and apposite masterpieces for the market. It's generally assumed in popular culture that those who pursue this line of work, - that is faking great art have a great unrecognised talent and skills set. This is not the case, copying even with an average skills set is very easy as any artist will tell you. The difficulty that appears to have been well attended to here, is defeating the huge army of scientific and forensic test now available to experts, but because the rewards in terms of cash are so huge faking will always be an industry. A Sound documented provenance is everything when buying or selling art of any kind.

Stand by for some new revelations concerning rediscovered Old masters that were newly to the market. Although why? when old masters are so cheap compared to very expensive contemporary art, one would assume that new contemporary art would be a more financially rewarding area. But then there are all kinds of fakes and fakers.

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