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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Turner prize 2016 - 2

Laura Cumming in this weeks Observer has come up with a critical piece attacking the current Turner Prize for it's routine staidness and predictability.
She writes; "Some say we should wave farewell to the Turner prize with Nicholas Serota’s forthcoming departure. But the prize is as tenured as an emeritus professor. Too many reputations depend upon it, and it remains Tate Britain’s compensation for being demoted by Tate Modern. Its format, however, should change."

This is truly relevant, reform of the judging for the prize is long overdue which is very ironic considering how the art world is always banging on about freedom of expression, challenging, shock values etc, all the repeated tired old sores. Yet here in the centre of our visual culture with Frieze opening this week there is politically motivated total stasis. Art is now a form of entertainment, the 'art' as in high aesthetic and artistic values has gone, been replaced by a funfair ride through vague amusements.
As Adrian Searle comments in the Guardian; "These thoughts had me pressing the buzzer next to the ornate bronze elevator doors Ryan Gander has installed in a wall at Johnen Galerie. “Elevator to Culturefield,” reads the sign. But the doors don’t open and the lift is going nowhere. It is nothing but a dream of escape. There isn’t one.""

Nor will there be anytime soon, as an artist your only ethical choice is to work with the actual future in mind and ignore the fatuous glitter of a very tired vacuous Post, post modern art world. Winnowing is all, and truly inevitable.

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