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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Turner Prize - really?

Ebacc to the 1880's - 2

This blog does tend to point up the decline in arts education and with good reason. The shortsightedness of politicians and Ebacc curriculum planners is doing a huge disservice to the UK's children who will desperately need a creative subject for their future career pathway. So they will be no longer able to pursue art, drama, music or dance at state school because of the current incumbents concern to downrate the arts as inaccessible to the lower orders. The decline is already in progress, take up of arts subjects has declined by 7% this year alone. When will people become aware of the fact that the subjects that they are forcing the UK's children to study now are going to be totally irrelevant in the future, if the promises of Artificial Intelligence are achieved. What person in 2080 will have a need of an academic background, unless of course they become unpaid drones sustaining an artificial culture run by machines and a power elite. Write to your MP if you care about the average state educated child and write now! Of course it's possible that the future, will be far worse in every way than the present slow cultural decline, international problems are not going away anytime soon.

To lighter concerns It's that time once again and the Tate has unveiled it's 2016 Turner Prize exhibition. According to Edward Lucie Smith it is recovering it's relevance, well - if only that were true. There is a long way to go yet before the gritty problem of the content of contemporary art is addressed in both the art market and in art education. If it ever will be?
Which funnily enough brings us neatly to the Fourth Plinth whose most recent contributor is this chancers contented joke. The renowned Jonathan Jones of Guardian state art support at all cost, wrote this non-sense; " Are we all modern Stalins, an inane public demanding that artists grin and smile and affirm that life in Britain is really good? David Shrigley's thumb is so pleased with the way things are that it wants to jab God in the eye." 
So much for an expensive history education at Cambridge - which leads to writing such as this! Never will understand why the Guardian is such a hard boiled supporter of everything that is truly pathetic and very impoverished in State art. 

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