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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Click bait!

The US presidential election has pointed up the problem of fake news, propagated on the Net by political interests whose objective is to gain and hold power:
"It’s an unfortunate reality that news reporting is often at odds with the interest trifecta of politics, profits, and public opinion.

What’s changed is the internet, which has altered the scale of the fake news problem, taking it to another level. While fake news might have been less visible in the past, it has always been with us. Where we might find Twitter bots today, we’ll find AI-powered virtual assistants and ubiquitous natural language interfaces (ie, Alexa, Siri, and Google Home) tomorrow."

The use of the internet by to enforce a specific world view is objectionable, because the truth becomes a populist sound bite created to achieve an objective. As Carole Cadwalladr puts it:  "And we have to wake up to what is happening right now on the laptop on our desk, the phone in our pocket, the tablet in our children’s bedrooms. This is our choice: do something. Or accept the truth according to Google. That six million didn’t die. That the Holocaust never happened. That we didn’t care enough to remember."

This blog, exists to dig out the truth free from articles of faith derived from the art world, which is an arcane, hermetic, marketing world. Rather like religious faith if you do not share the belief values of State Art and higher non-art education, you are perfectly entitled to dissent as often the man on the Clapham omnibus does. Works of art that are not art are kitsch and promoted as such they are a waste of valuable time, lost on the young who have been too poorly educated and have little or no art judgement or discrimination apart from the false ephemeral values of today's news. This is beginning to change though, with age comes wisdom and discrimination and the freedom to say it stinks to high heaven, it doesn't enhance life values as art should do. There are of course exceptions, as not all contemporary art stinks, even when most of the dross pile does. Now more than ever, when promoted world views are at the service of power, it is essential to look for the truth and not to accept the lies. Test this by opening Google images and looking at what it finds for avant garde art. Ask yourself what judgements have the Google algorithm applied.

Pleasingly Helen Marten has criticised the extraordinary privilege of the State art world in her Turner speech acceptance quoting a series of right on urban values. In this week's 11th Dec Sunday Press Waldemar Januszczak considers her deconstruction:  "There is definitely something timid about them, as there always is with deconstruction. Itsy-bitsy and intriguing is always less of a risk than coherent and whole."  
Amen to that, but they do add up to new and intriguing meanings!

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