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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Helen Marten - 4th december

So this week we find that Helen Marten has won the Turner Prize, having only just shared out her winnings from the Hepworth Sculpture Prize, which she won three weeks ago. For once, she is an interesting and right on traditional sculptor of some origonality. It seems that the zeitgeist is changing and some real values are now being promoted along with some excellence.
What Marten has managed to do is very interesting, she seems to have broken the log jam created by the Duchamp inspired kitsch of the YBAs by returning to real sculptural values but using post modern deconstruction. What this means is that by selecting and juxtaposing numerous object's meanings she is creating a new type of traditional sculpture of some value. She is moving on from where Carl Plackman left off, creating new values from the old and the fact that she is receiving such acclamation, as two recent major prizes proves, that traditional sculpture is not completely dead. Lets hope she goes from strength to strength, as she is definitely a sculptor to keep track of and she shows great promise. She said this at the award ceremony:

“Everyone in this room is operating in this world that is so fucking privileged,” 

 “We’re afforded so much optimism and education and time to do these things, and this is not the global consensus.”

No, this is too true, just ask the people trapped in Aleppo.

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