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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Reprieve for A Level art history.

Today 2nd December brings the pleasing news that A level art history has been saved from the scrapheap. As Sally Weale writes in the Guardian, the government has caved in due to the serried ranks of the great and the good exerting pressure. Presumably public school great and good for they are the only source of teaching it now. However the new Art history has been offered to Pearsons as a nice little earner for teachers to take up next September - don't all rush now. Pity that they have not seen fit to bring back Archeology but Sir Tony Robinson is confident that they will overcome the obstacles to this.
One amusing aside from this article is the comments from Jeremy Deller "artist" as he said this : "It’s given me a lot. I didn’t do art at school. We had an art department but I didn’t study art. This was my opportunity to get as close to art as possible without actually making it." 
That maybe explains why his conceptual artwork can only use second hand images with extensive verbal support to elicit their purported meaning. As opposed the real actual practise of art making which he would have been taught be his art department at Dulwich College - where the meaning is embedded in actually creating the image and doesn't require a verbal translation from the curator's wall label!

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