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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hockney at the Tate

The news this week is that the number of UK students studying degree level art has declined significantly this past year. This in essence is probably a very good thing, there are far too many badly trained artists around as it is and a reduction in the numbers produced may result in better educated artists but don't hold your breath anytime soon.

Meanwhile the David Hockney exhibition is causing reams to be written and televised. Most of it plainly sycophantic but the one thing that has emerged from the publicity is the shallowness of the art. Even when he is playing with sophisticated visual ideas he manages to be superficial, maybe that has always been the pure visual charm of his work? Yet the work has not aged well, and his draughtsmanship was infinitely better in the 1960s than it is now. Hockney has not improved with age, he has just got louder and coarser in his imagery and colour.

Also Howard Hodgkin has sadly died at the age of 84 years, the empirically educated post war generation is diminishing, and nothing comes forth to replace them

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